Portrait of the developer

Jeff Penano - Developer

Seamless Experiences, Creative Code | Front-end Developer with a passion for problem-solving and a tech enthusiast who finds joy in movies and video games

Professional Experience

IPConfigure Inc.— ipconfigure.com — 09/2023 to present

A video surveillance solutions company offering products that support single to multi-site configurations locally or via the cloud.

Frontend UI Developer

  • Front-end Development: Develop front-end strategies using Angular to deliver responsive mobile and desktop experiences.
  • Component Migration: Successfully transition components from AngularJS to modern Angular.
  • Feature Design: Design new features and prototypes using Figma.
  • Quality Assurance: Develop and execute unit tests to ensure code reliability and quality.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with backend teams to seamlessly integrate user interfaces with back-end systems.
  • Code Review: Conduct code reviews, offering constructive feedback to maintain code quality and consistency.

GROW — thisisgrow.com — 08/2008 to 07/2023

Award-winning digital innovation agency for Google, adidas, Tory Burch, and other notable clients.

Senior Developer

  • Front-end Development: Developed front-end strategies using Angular and Vue frameworks, delivering seamless mobile and desktop experiences.
  • Accessibility Expertise: Established team's foundational knowledge to execute and deliver accessible immersive web experiences, ensuring compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • Interactive Experiences: Built highly interactive web experiences with animated charts, maps, and data visualization using GSAP and CSS animations.
  • Media Asset Optimization: Collaborated with the design team to optimize media asset production, ensuring high quality while minimizing file size.
  • Version Control: Utilized Git for collaborative development, tracking changes, and ensuring code versioning and management.

Notable Work

Pixel CollectionGoogleview

An immersive experience on the Google Store to showcase how the features of Pixel phone, watch and Buds connect with each other. I was responsible for building the user experience to meet Web Content Accessibility Guildelines (WCAG). This included testing the full experience with both desktop and mobile screen readers.

Madden GiferatorGoogle, EAview

Google partnered with EA to drive a second screen experience during live NFL matches to further engagement with the Madden game launch. I was responsible for building the website gallery and structure that would update in real-time to the latest user-submitted creations and up-to-date NFL scores.

Nike Phenomenal ShotGoogle, Nikeview

In partnership with Google’s Art, Copy & Code project, Nike wanted to reach and engage a global audience during the 2015 World Cup, ultimately tapping into the energy of watching the event live and giving people something to talk about. I built an animation tool to help designers build 3d camera animations around various models. I also supported the export and delivery of numerous ads during real-time World Cup matches.


Full Sail Real World Education - Winter Park, FL | Associate of Science in Digital Media